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What Causes Corrosion Occurrence?
What Causes Corrosion ...

What Causes Corrosion Occurrence?
15 Mei 2012
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What Causes Corrosion Occurrence?

Factors that influence corrosion can be divided into two, namely that derived from the material itself and of the environment.

Factors include the purity of the ingredients of materials, structural materials, crystalline form, trace elements present in the material, mixing of materials engineering and so forth.

Of environmental factors include air pollution levels, temperature, humidity, presence of chemical substances which are corrosive and so on. Corrosive materials (which can cause corrosion) consisting of acids, bases and salts, either in the form of inorganic compounds and organic. Fluorine, hydrogen fluoride and its compounds, known as corrosive persenyawaannya. In industry, these materials are generally used for the synthesis of organic materials.

Ammoniak (NH3) is a chemical that is widely used in industrial activities. At normal temperature and pressure, this material is in the form of gas and released into the air very easily. Ammoniak in industrial activity is generally used for the synthesis of organic materials, as an antifreeze in cooling equipment, as well as the material for the manufacture of fertilizer. Various aerosol particles, dust and acid gases such as NOx and SOx can be transformed into nitric acid (HNO3) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) in the air. Therefore, the air becomes too acidic and corrosive dissolved gases with the acid in the air. In environments with high pollution levels, a variety of goods ranging from microscopic electronic components to the steel bridge more easily damaged, even destroyed by corrosion.