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15 Mei 2012, 14:51
Intergalva 2012
We sent four delegates to Paris. ...

15 Mei 2012, 14:36
What Causes Corrosion Occurrence?
What Causes Corrosion ...

Intergalva 2012
15 Mei 2012
We sent four delegates to Paris. Intergalva 2012 is a leading international forum for the industry (batch) galvanizing public. The conference was attended by senior executives and managers from leading companies in the world galvanizing. Intergalva 2012 also includes a major exhibition of equipment, consumables and services to the galvanizing industry - it is a unique opportunity to promote your products / services to senior decision makers in the galvanizing industry.
What Causes Corrosion Occurrence?
15 Mei 2012
What Causes Corrosion Occurrence? Factors that influence corrosion can be divided into two, namely that derived from the material itself and of the environment. Factors include the purity of the ingredients of materials, structural materials, crystalline form, trace elements present in the material, mixing of materials engineering and so forth. Of environmental factors include air pollution levels, temperature, humidity, presence of chemical substances which are corrosive and so on. Corros
Factors Affecting the Quality Galvanized & and Preservation
04 Mei 2012
Factors Affecting the Quality Galvanized & and Preservation There are several factors that affect the properties of steel galvanizer in providing quality products and reliability, namely: 1. Condition of the surface of the workpiece (steel): Painted, galvanized rust or have previously. Steel which is very rusty, will long for the pickle and the rust on the surface of the steel will still imprint on the surface so that it will cause the galvanizing defects. Galvanized steel has to be
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